Rocky Road Easter Egg Cashew - Milk Chocolate

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Gourmet Rocky Road with Honey roasted Cashew nuts, turkish delight, freshly roasted coconut and marshmallow, combined with creamy smooth MILK couverture chocolate.


Approximately 200g (weight will vary due to marshmallow). 106mmx72mm.

One of our biggest sellers! If you are a Rocky Road lover or know one - this is chocolate to get!

This is couverture chocolate which is made using cocoa butter NOT vegetable or palm oil. This is what gives quality chocolate its taste and melt in the mouth smoothness.

Most Rocky road is made with compound chocolate, (even those labelled as the “best rocky road” or as “Gourmet rocky road”. Make sure you read the ingredient labels on other brands to see what you are really buying. Compound chocolate is made with vegetable or palm oil instead of cocoa butter and lacks the great taste of REAL couverture chocolate.