A Custom make Gift Box - select this then choose the chocolates to go in it

Box Size

Customise your gift box by choosing the gourmet chocolates you want in your gift box!

Choose the size of the gift box you want to fill with chocolates and then choose that number of chocolates!

Sorry, we haven't got this fully sophisticated yet so you do need to count how many chocolates you have chosen and ensure it matches with the chocolate box size you pick.

Cost of each chocolate will be $2.50 each ($3.50 for Sherry Cherry) and the gift box added on top of that - $3 for 4,8 & 12 boxes and complimentary for 18 & 28 boxes.


1. Select this item - A custom make Gift Box and choose the size of box you want. Add to Cart.

2. Click on this link to take you to the gourmet chocolates and select each chocolate you want (and enter a quantity of more than 1 if you want more than 1) and add that to the cart.  Gourmet Chocolates

3. Check your cart and confirm you have added the exact number of chocolates for the box size you have chosen.

If you realise you have chosen more chocolates than the box size you picked, you can always remove that box from your cart and go and select a different size box.