Mixed Up Vegan Chocolate Bundle

Can't Decide which Vegan Bundle to get? Get both OR grab this pack!

A Special bundle of our Vegan Mylk & Dark Chocolates, includes:

  • Rocky Road Raspberry and Macadamia 70% Dark Chocolate Block 125g - Vegan NEW
  • Rocky Road Raspberry and Macadamia Mylk Chocolate 125g - Vegan NEW
  • Whole Hazelnut and "Mylk" Chocolate Block 125g - Vegan
  • Hot Chocolate Stick Mylk chocolate - Vegan - Twin Pack
  • Freeze Dried Passionfruit & Mylk chocolate Bark 100g
  • Hot Chocolate Stick 70% Dark chocolate - Vegan - Twin Pack
  • Berry-bliss ses-a-me 100g block - Vegan
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Coated Macadamias 150g - Vegan
  •  Mylk Sprinkles 13 piece Cylinder
  • Mylk Chocolate Block 100g

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Some of these products Are ONLY available for a limited time. If any products are out of stock, we will substitute with another Vegan chocolate of similar or greater value.


No Added Dairy - may contain traces of dairy as made in a facility where dairy products are also produced.