Share the Love Hot Chocolate Bundle

Can't decide which Hot Chocolate you want?

Get 10 Hot chocolates and a Poppy's mug and try them all!

Share the love with yourself OR a friend.

Not a fan of one type of chocolate? - no problem, share the love with someone that DOES love that chocolate!

Approximately 40g each. Heat a cup of your favourite milk and pop your hot chocolate stick in it for a delicious hot chocolate.

  • 4x Milk Hot Chocolates (2xTwin Pack)
  • 2x White Hot Chocolates  (Twin Pack)
  • 2x Dark Hot Chocolates  (Twin Pack)
  • 2x Caramel Hot Chocolates  (Twin Pack)
  • Poppy's Chocolate Mug


Note: this bundle is mix of all our hot chocolates. We will not substitute for another mix.

All of Poppy’s Chocolate novelties are made with quality couverture chocolate not compound. Couverture is made using cocoa butter NOT vegetable or palm oil. This is what gives quality chocolate its taste and melt in the mouth smoothness.