Rocky Road Cashew and Turkish Delight Dark Chocolate Block 500g BLOOMED REDUCED PRICE

Gourmet Rocky Road with honey roasted cashews, rose turkish delight, freshly roasted coconut and marshmallow, combined with creamy smooth dark couverture chocolate. 500g.

NOTE: This batch is discounted due to the chocolate on the surface having Bloomed. It means it has a slight white colour to on the outside due to the cocoa butter separating. It will still taste the same but it does not look as good as our regular product. Bloom means that the sugars or fat have separated either in the chocolate OR the oil from nuts can cause fat leaching into the surrounding chocolate which creates a bloomed look. It means you can see the white cocoa butter or nut oil on the chocolate. 

One of our biggest sellers! If you are a Rocky Road lover this is for you! Gluten Free

This is couverture chocolate which is made using cocoa butter NOT vegetable or palm oil. This is what gives quality chocolate its taste and melt in the mouth smoothness.

Ingredients: Dark chocolate (cocoa mass, sugar, cocoa butter, dehydrated milk fat, emulsifier (soy lecithin 322), natural vanilla flavour), marshmallow (glucose syrup, sugar, invert syrup, water, gelatine (porcine), natural flavour, corn starch), turkish delight (water, sugar, glucose syrup, wheaten corn flour (gluten free), citric acid 330, colours 124, rose flavour), honey roasted cashews (cashew, sugar, honey, corn starch (maize), anti-caking agent 406, salt), coconut, preservative (223 sodium metabisulfite). Cacao Solids 36%.