Magic Chocolate Treasure Box - SOLD OUT

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How does it work? 

  • Order a treasure box
  • Open it with Poppy, live!
  • Eat treats with Poppy!

We will send you all the info to login live and watch us on ZOOM and interact from Beenleigh to Darwin to Detroit, Eat Poppy's Magic Chocolate Treasure with friends!

The Details:

Magic Chocolate Treasure Box! ❤️

What You Get:

It's a mystery! (Hence the name)

We can’t give too much away on what’s in it or it wouldn’t be a fun surprise! There would be no mystery.

But trust us it will definitely taste good!

You Will Get Several Flavours of Chocolate, showcasing some of our new flavours. We like to use these mystery boxes to test new flavours and to have some fun with our FANS!

Then we'll hop on a Zoom call, open our Treasure Boxes together and taste what is inside. Poppy has left it to the Poppy's chocolatiers to decide what's in the box too so it will be a mystery for her as well!!


Contents Will Not Revealed Prior to Order

*Dairy and nuts definitely will be in this box so if you have allergies, partake at your own risk. If you are vegan or specific about your tastes, this might not be the thing for you.