LOVE DELIVERED - Automatically deliver chocolates to your loved one.

Guys! Does your wife or girlfriend say you need to be "more romantic"?

Does this comment fill you with dread? Do you think you are missing the "romance gene"?

Don't worry. We now have the answer for you!

You are bound to get BIG brownie points with this one! (unless your partner does not like chocolate - a 1 in 10,000 chance)

Chocolates, delivered directly to your loved one, on subscription.

Monthly (no coincidence there), fortnightly or weekly. Weekly sounds too much?? Well, if you are planning to steal half of her chocolates, we would suggest getting the chocolates more frequently or you may lose some of the brownie points you just gained. 

Or maybe you're just an awesome son and you want to send these to your mum. In which case, can we adopt you as you sound like a great son!?

We will send a different assortment of chocolates each order so the photo shown is just an example.