Almond Slivers and "Mylk" Chocolate Bark 100g - Vegan - BLOOMED PAST BEST BEFORE

We make our bark by hand, spreading a thin layer of chocolate out and mixing it with delicious fresh ingredients. Bark maximises the taste sensation of chocolate.

Fresh almond slivers blended with Poppy's creamy 39% rice "mylk" couverture chocolate.

NOTE: This batch is discounted due to the chocolate having Bloomed and being just past its best before date. It will still tastes the same but it does not look as good as our regular product. Bloom means that the sugars or fat have separated either in the chocolate OR the oil from nuts can cause fat leaching into the surrounding chocolate which creates a bloomed look. It means you can see the white cocoa butter or nut oil on the chocolate.

100g GLUTEN FREE. Vegan. No Added Dairy.

Also known as Snacking chocolate! Barks are one of our most popular chocolate ranges!

Packaged in an elegant tent shaped impulse pack. Perfect formal or informal gifting or everyday sharing and self-indulgence.

INGREDIENTS: Rice Mylk Chocolate (sugar, cocoa butter, cocoa mass, rice powder (rice syrup, rice flour), dietary fibre (inulin), emulsifier (soy lecithin), natural cocoa flavouring, natural vanilla flavouring), almonds. Cacao Solids 39%.

Made in a facility that also processes other nuts and dairy products. Contains soy, nuts. May contain traces of milk and other nuts.