Do you love everything Australian?

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Wait till you see what actual Aussies LOVE…

Hint: It’s not what you expect! 

If you are like Aussie women...

You want something that makes you feel great. Something that is a unique combination of flavors, but not too fancy. You want something to make you happy. 

I have been making women happy with my Australian chocolates and treats since 2005. If you are like women in Australia, you want something for YOURSELF.  Maybe a gift, that adds joy to your loved ones?

But if you are like Aussies, the product has to be GUARANTEED to add joy. 

You don’t have time to mess around. 

Ordering treats online can be a risky business. You want to be able to see the people making your treats. You may want to see inside the kitchen, get to know the people actually making your treats. 

We have an Australian community based on the shared love of chocolate. And we want to INVITE YOU to come and talk with your Aussie sisters about CHOCOLATE. More on that in a second. I don’t want you to miss out on finding something unique to an American audience. 

Is this true? "Foster’s is Australian for Beer." 

That Outback Steakhouse is authentic Australian grub. 

I have BAD NEWS and GOOD NEWS...

The Bad News: 

  • Foster’s is brewed in Fort Worth, Texas. 
  • And what the heck is a Bloomin Onion?

The Good News:

There are unique Australian treats available today! More on that in a second. 

You probably want to travel to Australia, don’t you?

Australia might be on your bucket list. Come and see for yourself all the amazing animals. (I have a pack of kangaroo that hangs around in the park near our house). ====>>>>> Photo of Roos doing something heartwarming. 

Plus, we speak the same language. AND Everywhere is close to a beach. 

But we do have some unique tastes. More on that in a second. 

Let me introduce myself. I am Poppy and I founded Poppy’s Chocolates in 2005 in Queensland, Eastern Australia, Map. 

Like you, I had a problem. My husband asked me what I wanted for my birthday. I didn’t trust him to pick out chocolates, so I went looking for something so I could tell him what to buy. 

Everything was department-store garbage. 

And I couldn’t find anything I wanted. So I decided to create it. 

Aussie women, are cut from the same cloth as our american sisters. If we want something, we go for it. Nothing can stand in our way if we see value in something, we can taste it, we reach out and grab it, make it our own. 

Do you know what that feels like?

It feels good, like it feels when you eat great chocolates. Warm and happy. 

We started making chocolates over sixteen years ago. Our Australian fans love us. This month, we started a Private Chocolate Society group and it already has over 1,300 members! Our chocolates are so amazing, we even have a superfan Facebook group about it! 

I started Poppy’s in 2005 to make myself and other women happy. And we have done that so much, that our fans tell us all the time. You should show this to the Americans, they will love it. 

And that’s why I am here today.

Sometimes miracles do come true. 

And you can be part of that Australian dream. 

Announcing Poppy's Chocolate Australian Dream Test. Are you interested in an authentically Australian line of chocolates and treats? Guaranteed to bring you joy!

Let me change your mind about something, really quick…

Rocky Road Ice cream… 

Suspend your disbelief for a second. Allow some Australian wisdom to wash over you from down under…

Rocky Road was not originally an Ice Cream, it was a bar. 

“The earliest mention of it dates back to 1853 in Australia, where rocky road was supposedly created as a way to sell confectionery that had spoiled during the long trip from Europe.” - Wikipedia 

I know, your mind is a little bit blown right now, I understand. 

We sell traditional Australian Rocky Road in bars. Have you ever heard of such a thing? 

Wait, that’s not all!

We do amazing things with Rocky Road bars. Our #1 Seller: Caramel Chocolate Rocky Road with Freeze Dried Strawberries and Almonds. 

Don’t take our word for it, here is Kerrieanne B. (Australian) 


Verified purchase

Hands down 'The Best' Rocky Road you will ever slip your taste buds! 

We thought our family weren't 'Rocky Road lovers'; turns out we ARE.. we'd just never had Poppy's Rocky Road.

Ahhh-mazing 🙌❤


What else has been popular at Poppy’s Chocolates in Australia?

How about Milk Chocolate Coated Freeze Dried Fruits, including 

Caramel chocolate coated Strawberries

Milk chocolate coated Cranberries

Dark chocolate coated Blueberries

Caramel chocolate coated Apples

Milk chocolate coated Lychees

Raspberry and white chocolate bark

Passionfruit and white chocolate bark

How about some Aussie Proof?

Gaile W.


Verified purchase

Amazing crunch, taste & texture in the freeze dried fruits coated with delicious chocolate. Goods arrived in good condition within 3 days across 3 states.

Poppy’s Magic

We have amazing treats. 

We have been around for over 16 years in Queensland, AU. 

We have hundreds and hundreds of photo reviews from Happy Aussies. 

Your Magic

Americans crave quality and unique products from one of their favorite countries… 

How can we create Magic TOGETHER?

I would like to propose a test. 

We are offering our Fan Favs bundle. It includes (actual) Rocky Road. Try decadent freeze dried fruit covered in luscious chocolate or caramel.  All hand made in Australia. 

To make things easier, we've collected all our top selling products and put them into one scrumptious hamper. It will put a smile on any face.  Plus, you get one of our tote bags FREE. 

OFFER: Normally $79, with free tote bag, I am going to throw in shipping, as a test! 

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I want to talk to Aussies about their passion for CHOCOLATE and POPPY’s! What should I do? 

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What’s up with SHIPPING?

Our Silver radiative boxes are as effective as Polystyrene boxes, without the size and waste. Ice packs stay frozen for 24 hours. They may arrive thawed, but they would have done their job which is to protect the chocolates. Make sure to purchase one of these. We can get you to LA without thawing, it’s the van ride to your house that’s the problem for heat. 

For the best, melt-in-your-mouth experience, eat it at room temperature with humidity less than 70%. Humidity or refrigeration causes condensation on the chocolate. This brings sugars out of the chocolate, causing SUGAR BLOOM. 


Buy now, send me a message that you purchased and I will respond with a thank you! poppy@poppys

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