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August 15, 2020 3 min read 0 Comments

I started this business for romance and because I just loved chocolate!

Back in 2005, with my fairly new status of mother (with a 2 year old and 6 month old) I yearned for what every other mum yearns for – some romance - which seemed to have gone out when the children came in.

Now I didn’t want to expect too much so I thought my suggestion to my (then) husband that gifting me a good box of chocolates would be very romantic was fairly simple and not asking too much.

But I saw a problem! He wouldn’t even know what a good box of chocolates was! Not all chocolates are equal! I then discovered problem number 2: it wasn’t actually that easy to find any good chocolates in sunny Queensland. Which lead me to uncovering problem/discovery number 3: I realised it was much easier to administer romance to myself than wait for someone else to show me the love I desired.

I embarked on a "Mission From God" (yes, I am a Blues Brothers fan) to create the best chocolates in Australia and solve this dilemma for other women with a chocolate passion like mine.

Chocolate has everything.

It tastes amazing. It creates fun, always good, family memories (my Nan instilled a love of everything sweet in me). Chocolate is like giving yourself a big warm hug. Quality chocolate is a great gift to give and receive. Chocolate symbolises “I care about you and you care about me”. Chocolates are about sharing joy and pleasure. Chocolate is natural and is good for you (quality chocolate that is). It is good for your mood, your wellbeing and, depending on what current literature you want to read, your weight.

For me, life is all about balance and chocolate is definitely part of that balance. I want people to be unashamed of their chocolate addiction but to know that there are choices that you can make to ensure you are eating better quality. There are clearly much worse vices and this one has no impact on others, or if it does, it is usually a fun and positive experience.

Now I didn’t want to just make chocolates. I had a purpose. I had undertaken a Masters of Environmental Management in 1996 with the aim of helping save the environment and stopping the impact of Climate Change. I had been disheartened by other peoples apathy over this and had also realised that being vegetarian and using recycled toilet paper didn’t really make much of a difference, especially when I was the only one of my friends doing it.

But I saw new light. I saw that if I had success in this new chocolate adventure, I would be able to help the planet and the environment in a much bigger and significant way. It hasn't quite happened yet but this is still my dream.

What has happened though is that we helped so many beautiful human beings which I am so grateful for. We help people have a little time out in each day to have a break or to remember who they are. Our chocolates make such an impactful gift, I am so honoured to be able to help others share their love through giving our chocolates.

Thanks for allowing me to share my passion with you,

Love Lynda (aka Poppy) xo